World garlic, China garlic, Jinxiang's export volume ranks first in China

Issuing time:2019-12-11 10:20

"Garlic in the world looks at China, while garlic in China looks at Jinxiang." No matter where people first saw this sentence or heard it, there must be such a question in their hearts at the beginning: "why can Jinxiang garlic attract the world's attention and go to the world market?" however, the planting history of Jinxiang garlic has reached more than 2000 years. The whole county grows 700000 Mu of garlic all year round, with an annual output of 800000 tons, and its products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions The area, output, grade, quality and export volume of the region rank first in China.

From rough processing to deep processing, garlic becomes "golden pimple"

"Garlic foreign trade enterprises mostly stay in the rough processing stage at first, and the profit is not high. After realizing the deep processing, the profit brought by the rough processing is incomparable." According to manager Wei, who is in charge of a Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Jinxiang County, the early garlic export enterprises generally only made simple packaging, some of which may involve the production of garlic slices, garlic grains and garlic powder, but they are all in the rough processing stage. The same garlic raw materials will be significantly different after deep processing. "The most intuitive deep processing of garlic is the black garlic produced by the fermentation process. Compared with the garlic sold in a simple package, the profits of black garlic will rise significantly after a long time of low temperature fermentation."

In the era of garlic rough processing, there is almost no concept of selecting garlic raw materials. Garlic with slightly poor quality can also be rough processed into garlic slices, garlic grains and other products for sale, and its profit is only higher than that of cold storage fresh garlic. As garlic processing enterprises begin to pursue a broader healthy food market, enterprises begin to pay attention to the quality of processed products. "Our company has successively established standardized garlic production bases in 24 villages of Jishu Town, Xiaoyun town and Huayu Town, implementing standardized production and controlling the whole process from the raw material link." Mr. Wei said that they also hired agricultural technical experts to provide technical guidance, and strictly followed the national green food, organic food and export international standards.

At the same time, according to the relevant person in charge of the business department of Jinxiang County, in the face of the continuous expansion of garlic planting area at home and abroad and the increasingly fierce market competition, they take the direction of organic, modern, collectivization, integration of agriculture, industry, science and trade, actively adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign high-end markets, and promote the transformation and upgrading of garlic industry. "Focusing on the establishment of national modern agricultural demonstration zone and national agricultural high-tech industrial zone, and vigorously implementing the Jinxiang garlic upgrading project, we have established and improved a set of organic operating procedures from planting, harvesting, sales and processing." At present, of 700000 mu of garlic in Jinxiang County, 350000 Mu has obtained green certification, 37000 Mu has obtained organic certification, and nearly 100000 Mu is in the process of organic conversion certification, the person in charge said.

With the help of "Internet +", garlic will unlock the domestic and foreign markets.

In order to strengthen the garlic industry and enhance the international competitiveness, Jinxiang County, with the help of Internet advantages, increased the construction of information platform, and established the garlic industry information alliance of China. The member units of the alliance cover 20 garlic producing areas such as Shandong and Sichuan, forming an information platform covering garlic producing areas in China. At the same time, in order to solve the problems of garlic information asymmetry and price instability, Jinxiang County has compiled and issued "China Jinxiang garlic index", which includes "Jinxiang garlic price index", "Jinxiang garlic producer benefit index", "Jinxiang garlic export price index", "Jinxiang garlic storage index", "Jinxiang garlic prosperity index", etc. "In the past, garlic trading basically required face-to-face communication between both parties. Now it is not needed. A wechat public platform can help both parties to complete the transaction." According to Mr. Zhao, a garlic trader in Jinxiang County, now all the people who do garlic business in Jinxiang are concerned about a WeChat public number about garlic trading. Garlic merchants can pay attention to the live broadcast of garlic market in a few days, and the situation of official garlic prices, purchase and sale information can also be grasped as time goes by. At the same time, relying on the brand effect of "Jinxiang garlic" famous brand in China, Jinxiang County has established Shandong Jinxiang garlic industry group, signed organic garlic direct purchase cooperation agreements with more than 20 large supermarkets, greatly increasing the discourse power of "Jinxiang garlic" in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, Jinxiang County has accelerated the construction of national large market, Jinxiang garlic international trading market has been listed as the "designated market of the Ministry of agriculture", China's cold chain logistics center has officially started construction, customs stations, inspection and quarantine and dry port projects have been successfully promoted, garlic price index has officially started operation, and Jinxiang is accelerating the realization of the transformation from garlic "planting center" to "price forming center" Transformation.

Jinxiang garlic production standard has become the "national standard"

According to the relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Department of Jinxiang County, garlic planting in Jinxiang began in the early Eastern Han Dynasty, with a history of more than 2000 years, and the whole garlic industry has experienced a hard process. "From the beginning of 1980s to the end of 1980s, the growing scale of garlic was initially revealed, some storage and processing projects started, and garlic was mainly sold to the domestic market." The person in charge said that from the early 1990s to the late 1990s, a large number of agricultural and sideline products storage and processing projects emerged, garlic began to enter the international market, and in 1998, the self-employed export earned 870000 US dollars, achieving a zero breakthrough, reaching 5.9 million US dollars in 1999.

Since the beginning of the new century, garlic industrialization in Jinxiang has gradually reached a mature stage. The planting area is often

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